Art has many forms

Some people look at a bike and see only one thing, transportation. Others look at a bike and think of their youth and consider it a kids toy. For us, we look at bikes and see not only precision and function, we also see art. Woah woah woah, art? That’s so cliche. “Art is in everything if you look at it long enough”... wrong. We look closely at the welds, the quality of the bearings, the fit, and the finish. We examine the paint indoors and outdoors and we sometimes see two, totally different bikes during our observations. We ride these bikes and experience just what the manufacturer was striving for. We often recognize a bike's qualities by how they make the ride better or make us a better rider. It gets us giddy to see the boxes rolling into the shop with our spring orders or a new custom bike that one of our wonderful customers ordered for themselves.

It’s these emotions and excitement that makes many people “enthusiasts” and often drives others to make insane decisions like buying a bike store. 

It's our passion for the sport that sends us to bike shows on the weekends and send us out to ride that technology in new and different places. If you’ve been in the store, you’d know what we’re talking about. If not, it’s time to visit and see our art first hand. This is a major reason we purchase mostly “rollable” inventory or demos for our shop. We want our customers to experience our passion out on the road, gravel, or on the trail. Stop by and check out our gallery.

Shepard Grinker