A new year and a new start


All of our friends and community know that 2017 was a crappy year for a lot of reasons. We couldn't wait to put it behind us. Yes, business was up, our community was growing stronger, and we found our niche in a turbulent retail market, but for personal reasons, we couldn't enjoy our success the way we should have. When life outside the shop is hard, it's hard to get excited about bikes, product, and technology the way we have before. 

But then our friends at Yeti sent us this amazing bottle of bourbon as a thank you for not only being our best year with the brand but turning into one of their top dealers, period. You'd think that the reward for being a great shop for Yeti, we would have gotten a trophy, some SWAG, t-shirts saying "We sold the heck out of Yeti Bikes and all we got was this lousy t-shirt" but no. The boys from Golden Colorado knew the TBW gang much better. They knew what we really needed after last year was a damn nice bottle of Colorado's finest bourbon. Just like the country folk from Kentucky, Coloradans know a thing or two about getting inebriated and this amazing bottle is a great example of that knowledge. 

There are very few possessions in the shop that we absolutely cherish and this bottle is one of them. Every toast, ever shot, and every sip was earned through the bullshit of life that we went through in 2017.

2018 is off to an interesting start. The weather has been weird; cold and then mild again. All the uncontrollable things that make earning a living selling bikes challenging. But we are up to the challenge. With amazing brands like Yeti, Ibis, Alchemy, Devinci, Trek, and Seven in our store, we have the best selection of bikes in any shop around. That, in addition to having our friends and awesome customers getting behind the brands to get behind the shop, makes us blessed business owners and bike enthusiast. 

Watch out 2018, here we come...

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Shepard Grinker