What is Bicycle Workshop About?

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The WORKSHOP is a base of operations for all that is bike. It's a clubhouse, a meeting hall, a secret society, a safe haven for many and safe house for some. Here you will find answers to life's deepest mysteries and discover that lubing your chain is the key to a long prosperous life.

The Team

The Nitty Gritty


We are three born and bred NYC trouble makers. Our definition of "trouble making" is not to instigate hostility but to question, deconstruct and re-invent. A machinist, a designer, and a master builder. What could possibly go wrong? Expectations and passion run high in our lives. We want things to work right, last long and make life better. We always welcome new ideas, we just don't accept them as better simply because they are new. With a collective of 90 years in the saddle, world travel, countless bikes and more miles, we have a clear and precise understanding of what a bicycle should and should not do. Making trouble is to always ask why. To pull something apart, learn what makes it tick and make it better.


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