What is a Mountain Biker?

A lot of riders come through the shop either to buy bikes, repair them, or to learn what the BICYCLE WORKSHOP is all about.  We meet people from different parts of New York, New Jersey, and much farther.  We ask them all kinds of questions like what kind of riding do they like to do, what types of trails do they like, and most of all, why they share our passion for cycling?  We hear all kinds of answers and thankfully, no two are ever the same.  This brings us to our main question; Is there a difference between a Mountain Biker and someone that rides a mountain bike?  In our opinion...hell yes!  A mountain biker is someone that embodies the spirit of the sport by not only riding bikes on dirt but someone that chooses to spend their energy to progress the sport selflessly.  This means that they squeeze in a ride like the rest of us and also squeeze in advocating for the sport with their free time too. Here in the “Rock Garden State” we are challenged for outdoor space and even more challenged for spaces that allow riding bikes.  Meet our newest shop ambassador and lifelong Mountain Biker, Art White.  Art embodies the term Mountain Biker to the tee.  He rides bikes, builds trails, spreads bike stoke, and gets involved locally on many levels even if it means negotiating with land managers.  If you’ve ridden Ringwood and Sterling Forest, you’re familiar with Art’s craftsmanship, his shovel, and his and rock bar even more than you know.   Both Art and his wife Ellen have spent countless hours making places for not only them to ride but for you too.  We are extremely proud to have Art wearing our jersey and we thank him for doing what he does.  If you’d like to get involved and return the favor, volunteer and help the Ringwood trail crew or support JORBA. Click the buttons below.