TBW Trade Up 

How it works…

At TBW, we understand your passion for the sport of cycling. We also understand your passion for everything cycling including your equipment. Let's face it, its really fun getting a new bike but what are you gonna do with your old one? We have a few solutions for you:

  1. Bicycle trade up. We have partnered with The Pros Closet and Bicycle Bluebook to be an authorized trade up center. This money goes directly on your account towards a new bike, parts, or accessories. Click on the image below to start the trade up process. Then, just bring your bike in and we will help you get on a new bike, right away. 

  2. Bicycle and part consignment. We will sell your bike or parts either through our store and normal channels or eBay. We can offer you store credit or cash back, the choice is yours.

Kid's bike trade up

We realize that your kids grow up fast. Sometimes too fast. Investing in a bike that your child may ride for only 1 year, can be wasteful and expensive. Don't let your childs growing pains effect your buying decisions when it comes to bikes. Keep 'em rolling with TBW's trade up program. 

Just for this situation, we offer a trade-in credit towards a new bike. Here's the program details:

  • 12" Bicycle= $35

  • 16" Bicycle=$45

  • 20" Bicycle Single Speed=$55

  • 20" Bicycle Multi-Speed=$65

  • 24" Bicycle Multi-speed= $65-100

Program notes:

  • Bikes must be a reputable brand. Box or toy store brands do not apply.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any bike based on quality or condition.

  • 12" and 16" bikes missing training wheels will have a $10 deduction.

Adult Bike Trade-in

If the original value of the bikes was under $600 we can offer $50 to $300 based on condition.

Higher valued bikes we will be taken on a case by case basis. Please use the Bicycle Blue Book tool below to get an idea of a bike's value.

If you don't have the time to bring the bike in to the shop, give it a good clean, snap some good photos, and fill out the form below.