We love the Holidays but dislike the sales

In a turbulent retail world, TBW like all other small businesses has to remain competitive and by doing so we have to play the holiday sales game. It's not as if we don't want to offer our customers the chance to save some money around the holidays, it is that we try and offer fair prices all year round instead of a few times a year.

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Shepard Grinker
Friends let friends drink and ride

Yesterday we started celebrating our Thanksgiving festivities by a morning ride through our local trails with a 10:30 meeting time at “The Monkey”. The monkey and friends had a few surprises up their sleeves by stashing a cooler of beer in the woods and after a nice pedal, with the temperature rising, we drank those beers...together. 

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Titanium and Friends are for life!

As fairly new bike shop owners, we have been searching for brands that work well with the store and Seven Cycles popped up on the list. Seven’s staff is made up of ex Merlin employees and owners and is still located in Watertown, Massachusetts not to far from Somerville.  

We are proud to have partnered with this company with such an amazing legacy in the business.  

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