Why our brands are better?

“It’s all about the margin” is what bike industry reps tell us all the time. From a business standpoint, we couldn’t agree more.  Although, from a business standpoint, owning  a bike shop these days doesn’t make much sense in the first place.  We do this out of a labor of love and the desire to offer something more for our community.  With that said, the product and brands we bring in to the store are very important to us and we choose very selectively.  For example; the reason we carry Alchemy Bicycles  road and gravel bikes because their bikes just ride better than other manufacture’s carbon bikes.  How do they do this?  Well, they build their bikes in house in Denver Colorado using their own mitered tube-sets rather than a monocoque frame design.  This radically changes the ride characteristics of the bike with each pedal stroke and each bump.  Rather than the hollow feeling of a monocoque frame, the Alchemy bikes feel lively, stiff, and still offer a fair amount of compliance and comfort.  Alchemy is not the only company that produces their bikes like this but they’re one of the few that make everything in house and do not outsource any of their product.  Each USA bike is built with love and it feels that way out on the road and dirt.

Alchemy makes one tube set and lugs and miters them to the length and geometry to fit the rider.

Alchemy makes one tube set and lugs and miters them to the length and geometry to fit the rider.

Another example is we chose to partner with Seven Cycles.  Seven bikes are handmade right here in the USA and have been for more than 20 years.  If you count owner Rob Vandermark’s time with Merlin Cycles, they have been making titanium bicycles for more than 30 years.  Some people call these “Old School” bikes, but we call it experienced manufacturing.  Seven is one of the few companies that tests every new manufacturing trend in a lab before implementing it into their designs.  This is a key reason you don’t see internally routed cables (tubes welded in tubes), anodizing, bead blasted welds, or other niche industry trends on their bikes.  Seven has tested them and they just don’t hold up and they can’t comfortably offer a lifetime warranty knowing something may cause premature failure of their bikes.  If you are looking for a Titanium bike that you only plan on owning for a couple of seasons, Seven may not be the brand for you.  If you are looking for a bike to last you your whole life, look no further.

Seven’s different tube sets. Straight gauge, butted, ultra-butted (not shown), and Carbon

So now you know who and why we sell what we sell. We don’t do it to get rich, we do it because we can sleep at night knowing you’re getting the best bikes for your money and the companies we partner with will offer the best product on the market. Come on by and demo one of these amazing bikes.

Shepard Grinker