Sidi Defender. Choose your shoes wisely.


Our friends at Sidi dropped by yesterday to say hi. If you’ve visited our shop lately you may have noticed we’ve added Sidi to our shoe selection but you may have also noticed that we don’t carry their mountain bike shoes. Why? You may ask. Well, for one thing, we are real bike riders and we too have to get off our bikes occasionally to walk and there’s nothing worse than catching a mossy rock on a plastic sole and doing the banana peel dance. We’ve focused on mountain bike shoes that are not only walkable but “hike-able” due to having a soft rubber sole. Bontrager, Garneau, and Five-Ten offer great products that fit this bill well so we’ve gotten behind those brands. Enter the Sidi Defender. This shoe offers a soft walkable sole that’s stiff enough for maximizing power but flexible enough to walk in. In addition to the well-designed sole, the heel scuff protector is a great feature for more aggressive body maneuvering on the bike. We historically are skeptical about Boa closure systems too close to the side of the shoe. This is due to the rocky and tight nature of our local trails. The Sidi TECHNO 3 precision ratchet system is low profile enough to avoid any rock bashing. Add some good venting and super lightweight to these shoes and you have a damn near perfect shoe. We can’t attest to the durability of this shoe since they’re in a crate on their way to us but how many friends do you have that have some really old Sidis that they should probably replace? This shoe will be available in December or earlier. Stay tuned.