Today’s “Post” brought to you by Bike Yoke

Here at the WORKSHOP, we are always looking for new products. We do this not only so we can geek out on cool stuff, but we’ve been badly burnt ordering products for our customers that didn’t live up to what we (were) sold. We’ve moved away from that model by bringing in products and testing them first before we promote them to our customers. We do this so it's us who are stranded in the woods and not you. This is the safest way to guarantee that our customers get the most out of their ride time and are not R&D riders for the manufactures. And yes, we get to geek out at the same time but we’re taking one for the team of course. 

With the finicky nature of dropper posts, we took our chance on a new product which gets good reviews and it’s serviceable by you the consumer or us the shop. Introducing the Bike Yoke Revive Dropper. This version is a 185mm dropper so we’re dealing with extremes here. So far, so good. I’ve had to use the reset function once after 5-6 rides where I used the dropper a lot and it took 5 seconds and a 4mm Allen wrench. It was easy. Not only is this post serviceable but it is by far the smoothest post and lever actuation we’ve ever felt, hands down. In addition to this, the post can come up at whatever speed you want based on how hard you push the lever. We will keep you “posted” on the long-term reliability of this one. 

Shepard Grinker