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We cherry pick the bikes we bring into the shop based on their specs, quality, and a thorough thrashing. This allows us to stand behind every bike we sell
— TBW Team
 The Yeti Beti SB100 X01 Eagle

The Yeti Beti SB100 X01 Eagle

Yeti Beti SB100 X01 Eagle


Our take: The re-design switch infinity link has Yeti moving in a positive direction. Add a water bottle to the equation and this bike sends a new message to consumers, Yeti is listening. What they ignored is that an XC bike should have only one purpose. This bike is the ultimate East Coast XC race bike and it doubles as a trail bike. If you race Wawayanda or any other East Coast "chunder" spots, this bike is ideally suited for our terrain. Put it in Trail mode and you have a flow-eating machine. You won't find a 70 degree head tube angle on this bike, not even a 68 degree angle (67.8 degrees). This is an XC machine that can go downhill, fast.

Yeti nailed it, again!

 Seven Evergreen 

Seven Evergreen 

Seven Cycles Evergreen SL

The Evergreen SL is a great choice for riders wanting to test their limits over dirt and gravel. double-butted titanium eases the impacts from ruts, potholes and the sorts of imperfections that distinguish Class IV roads from their smoother, paved brethren. Highly tunable handling is wed to disc brake stopping power to keep you dialed-in to the ride even after hours in the saddle.

Our take: Where to start? First and foremost, not only does Seven make the ordering process seamless, but the build and quality are second to none. Their experience making the bikes is evident by looking at the finish, the welds, and the paint but what you can't see by looking at the bikes is how much knowledge Seven has about their product and how it will perform. 

The big question is how does it ride? Don't take our word for it, come demo an Evergreen today. Yup, we have demos in those too. 

 Ibis RipMo Demo

Ibis RipMo Demo

Ibis RipMo

The love child of a Ripley and the Mojo HD4, the all-new Ripmo is a big wheeled slasher that’s always down for another lap, whether that means a big climb or a tailgate pad.

"With a sub six pound frame and 145mm of efficient dw-link rear wheel travel (160mm front), this is the most versatile bike we’ve ever built"

Our take: If you like to ride hard and you want to beat your buddies often, this is the bike. Ibis got this one right. The RipMo and the Yeti SB5.5 are in a class of their own but with much different personalities. Just ride it and see for yourself. 


Leo ripping his SB5.5

Yeti Cycles SB5.5 

The East Coast Quiver Killer!

Forget any preconceived notions about 29ers, thanks to an impeccable frame design, shortened chain stays and an aggressive suspension spec, the SB5.5 is easy to maneuver and feels lively on the descents. 

Our take: This bike needs speed! It also needs rocks, roots, and East Coast "chunder". Like the Yeti, a 160mm travel bike that can climb used to be a mythical beast that was only rumored to exist. No more. This beast exists and is at the WORKSHOP ready for you to demo at your local trail. 


The Trek Super Commuter +

Trek Super Commuter +

Goodbye, car

There’s no reason to hit the snooze button when your morning commute feels like a dream. Super Commuter+ is the electric bicycle that makes getting where you need to go exactly where you want to be.

Our take: A helmet is required for a test ride because this e-bike is fast. It easily gets up to 28 MPH without much effort. With the super juicy 27.5x2.4" tires, it rolls over potholes, turns corners, and handles wet weather like a super commuter should. This bike will make it into Manhattan from Tenafly in a blistering 20-25 minutes without you breaking a sweat.


The Devinci Django Steers its way down any trail with confidence

Devinci Django 29er

Balanced. It’s the word every tester penciled on his test form. If every bike maker had to do away with all its categories, sub-categories and niches, and had to make one singular 'mountain bike,' there'd be a lot of bikes like this one. We said a similar thing when the original 27.5-inch-wheeled Django came out, and now that the 29er version is here, we really mean it. - Bike Mag

Our take: This bike may be the best mid-travel 29er we've had a chance to swing a leg over. Devinci has maybe made the perfect East Coast Trail 29er. Bike Mag really hit the nail on the head with this bike. Once again, don't take our word for it, demo one today!


Eddie having the time of his life on the Ibis Mojo 3

Ibis Mojo 3

We got your Mojo workin'

You could call it the baby brother to the Mojo HD3 or the successor to the Mojo SL/SL-R. Either way, it’s a good thing, and maybe it's Ibis' most versatile trailbike ever. 

You can run 2.3, 2.5 or 2.8 Plus tires on the Mojo 3, all with the same wheelset and without compromise.

Our take: Look at the smile in the picture! This is one of TBW's best selling mountain bikes...ever. With a 66.8 degree head tube angle and 13.188" BB height, this bike is at home on the east coast trails. We love this bike so much, we have a full size run of demos to put our money where our mouth is. Demo one today.


The Early Rider Belter 16" Trail is maintenance free thanks to the belt drive system 

Early Rider Belter Trail 16" Kids

This is Early Rider's new Trail version of the classic Early Rider Belter 16. Loaded with Ritchey parts and some exclusive 16" Maxxis Maxx Daddy tyres - now your kid can shred the muddy stuff in style. At a little over 12 pounds, the Belter sets the standard. It's worth bearing in mind that every pound on a 3 year olds' bike is the equivalent of 4 or 5 on an adult bike. At 11 pounds lighter than most 16" bikes, that's a big difference to a child.

Our take: You Child is worth it, this bike is awesome! This is a proper kids bike that can be ridden hard maintenance free. Yup, it's on the pricy side but this is a bike that can be passed down from one child to the next and it retains it's sale value if it's sold second hand. 


Don't be fooled by the drop-bars. The Devinci Hatchet is a versatile machine.

Devinci Hatchet Carbon

The Hatchet Carbon rips! 

Taking open road to the performance level, Devinci’s new Hatchet Carbon is the perfect manifestation of mixed-surface compatibility. Starting with the frame, Dual Core Fusion tech fuses two cores for a trifecta of speed, stability and intuitive response

Our take: This is an all-road bike that comes at the category from the other end of the spectrum. It is not a road bike modified for the punishment of dirt roads and single track but the opposite. Devinci approached this category by making a mountain bike ride quickly on the road, very quickly that is. Demo one today.


Alchemy Arktos

The Arktos Custom is made by Alchemy in Denver, CO and features a new dual-linkage platform called Sine Suspension that Alchemy licensed exclusively from David Earle. The name Sine derives from the way the shock rate, when graphed, resembles a sine wave. It is intended to help with pedaling efficiency and keep the suspension active under braking by using tube shaping and layups that target stiffness and strength where needed. The Arktos has 6 inches of travel, 27.5-inch wheels and pretty typical trail bike geometry. 

Our take: This bike is at home on the trails as it is at Mountain Creek Bike Park. This handmade beauty is available in a frame that is made in the USA with paint that can be customized for you. It's not just pretty though. It is an all mountain enduro bike with an all day riding platform. Colorado born, Tenafly raised. Demo one today!